A guide to preparing for the SAT
Help in Preparing for the SAT
A student's SAT score is not only used by colleges to assess a candidate's aptitude, but also by employers as a part of their screening process. Now, more than ever, SAT testing is one of the primary influences in a student's life.
Good fortune happens when opportunity meets preparation. Students with high aspirations can use the SAT test as an opportunity to excel above their peers. With the right motivation, students can prepare themselves and take full advantage of this opportunity. One of the most effective ways of preparation is through SAT coaching, and SAT study guides. A good course can help students attain 200+ point improvements, which can significantly open up opportunities.

SAT Study Guide
SAT preparation is usually centered around 4 key strategies: Increasing SAT vocabulary; Refreshing math skills; Learning and using SAT test taking strategies; and Practicing on real SATs. The most efficient way of employing these strategies is through the use of SAT study guides, several of which are available on the Internet. Along with a good study guide, a student can read quality books, pay attention in math classes, and take challenging courses at school to prepare for the SAT.